Jeanne Shelley Beeba –

Shelley Beeba and her husband, Mark, have lived in Minerva Park for 25 years.  Tucked away at the dead-end of Park Lane Drive, they have enjoyed the diverse wildlife (especially the birds) and the peaceful nature of the Village.  The first half of her career, she worked as a legal secretary and paralegal.  The second half she spent as a bookkeeper.  She is now retired.  She loves the strong community feeling of the Village, and she never tires of hearing from people the first time they come here, “I had no idea this was here in the middle of the city!  This is beautiful!”  Minerva Park is a very special place.  Shelley looks forward to helping the Village retain its charm and uniqueness.

Paul Braskett –
Richard C. Busick –

• 2824 Maplewood Dr. for 53 years with wife Mary Alice and our 2 grown children – Amy and David
Civic Activities
• Minerva Park Community Association (MPCA)
o Founding member of MPCA
o Past President of MPCA
o Recent past Treasurer – 8 years
o Initiated and coordinated MPCA’s first Community Garage sale
o Early recipient of the MP Duck Award
o MPCA representative to Northland Community Council – 23 years
o Planned and developed playground at the bottom of Maplewood
o Led effort to resolve sanitary sewer backups on Maplewood resulting in the construction of the
Maplewood relief sewer
• Minerva Park Activities
o Past MP Council member – active on Streets Committee and Zoning Board
o Past Zoning Officer
o Past Maintenance person
• Activities outside of the Village on behalf of the Village
o Past President on the Northland Community Council (NCC) – 2 terms
o Past Chairman of the NCC Zoning Committee for 20 years with over 2000 presentations to
Columbus City Council
o Past member of the City of Columbus Traffic Commission
o Past Member of the Technical Staff (MTS) of the Bell Telephone Laboratories (BTL) for 39
years, retired – located at 6200 Est Broad St.
o Presently honored to a Senior Lecturer in The Ohio State University’s First Year Engineering
program where I have taught full time for the past 16 years
o Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University
o In-house BTL Computer Science Program taught by Carnegie Mellon
o Sailing (Hoover Sailing Club)
o Cycling
Other Activities
o Active member St Andrews Anglican Church/St. Mathews Episcopal Church for over 50 years
o Founding member of Westerville Boy Scout Troop 007 (motto – Licensed to Camp!) where I
have been Assistant Scout Master for 18 years
o Former Adult Scout Trainer for Simon Kenton Council (BSA) for 10 years in OKAMA

Rani Conger –

Hello, neighbors!  My family and I moved in to our newly built home in the M/I section of the neighborhood in June of this year.  We love our new house, and have already made many new friendships with long time and new residents alike.  When I found out that the Charter Commission was in need of people to lend their time, voice, and experience, I eagerly signed up to participate.  I know that Minerva Park has a rich history of great community and long time self government, and am honored to be able to participate in the discussion of how we can ensure the Village continues this tradition in the years to come.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in History from the Ohio State University, and am currently a Project Manager working in downtown Columbus.

Jennifer Estes –
Evan Harker –

Evan Harker holds a Master’s in Japanese History from OSU and a Master’s in Public Administration from Ohio University. He fell in love with Minerva Park on first sight, and has only come to enjoy it more over the last five years he has lived in The Park. He has over ten years of public service experience, five with the Ohio Department of Commerce, and five with the Ohio State University College of Medicine, where he works as a Research Analytics Specialist.

Nina Lewis –

My name is Nina Lewis, I live on Lakewood Drive with 2 other adults and the 3 of us have lived at this location since July 2015. (One of my household lived on Maplewood for 28 years). I have been a social worker in Central Ohio since 1976. I retired from full time employment in 2017, hold a Masters Degree in Social Work from OSU and have been teaching part time there for 14 years.
I have been a member of dozens of work groups, community coalitions, regional and state consortiums and planning bodies. I have worked for the Ohio Department of Health,  Columbus Public Health and 3 Universities. I know how to get things done, to work through challenges and to work with humor and civility with others. I love MP and am happy to be involved.

Pamela Park-Curry –

I have lived in the Village for 45 years – first when I was 8 – 18 and then moved back in 1983.  I have had the opportunity to serve Minerva Park as a member of the Pool Board, the Community Association (MPCA), Village Council, and the Planning & Zoning Committee.
Minerva Park has always been a strong community, and I believe that undertaking the task of framing of  a charter will be an important step to ensure that we continue to be strong community. To paraphrase Woody Hayes, you can never “pay back”. . . you can only “pay forward.”  I doubt I will ever be able to totally repay my debt of being able to live in such wonderful community, so, with your support, I will try to pay forward through participating in the Charter Commission.

Kelly C. Parks –

Kelly Parks has been a resident of Minerva Park since 2015, when he moved here with his wife, Valerie, and son, Atticus. Kelly and Val moved into Minerva after hearing about the great community the Minerva has worked hard to build. Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in history from OSU and a law degree from Capital University. He was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 2011, and has been in private practice since. Kelly is also active in a non-profit medieval studies organization, in which he has helped write by-laws for local branches.

Sidney A. Townsend –

I have lived with my wife, Bonnie, at 3091 Minerva Lake, for 28 years. I retired in 1994, after teaching music in the Westerville Schools for 25 years, including Minerva Park students. I am presently an adjunct music professor at Capital University, private music teacher; and, a professional musician.
In Minerva Park, I am a member of the MPCA and have served on the MPCA board as chairman of the Summer Music Concerts and Membership Committee.
I am in favor of passing the Minerva Park’s Charter Issue. We need to identify and make
changes in the way the Minerva Park government functions, for the sake of our future.

Deb Walsh –
Brian Wolf –

I have lived in the Minerva Park for a little nearly six years.  But even before we moved here my wife Danielle and I where already big fans of the village.  In our time here I have spent two years on council and Danielle has been MPCA president for five years.  Our children have informed us that they love it so much here that we are never, ever allowed to move.  So you can say I am heavily invested in the well being of our village.